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Eden's Junk Drawer

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8/23/06 01:53 am - CIAO~

Hey guys, just a notice for anyone who may still be interested in my work, I am moving to life_of_eden. I'll be leaving this journal up for a little while, but eventually I'll be shutting it down.

So! If you're following me to the new page, woohoo! If you're not, sayonara! Either way, here is a picture to celebrate and end and a beginning:

Fandom: D. Gray-man
Characters: Allen, Rabi, Kanda
Medium: sketch and PS9

(Yes, I know it's small. You'll have to visit the new journal to see the full size pic >D)

5/22/06 03:56 am - GREETINGS FROM INSANITY

Well, I suppose most of you have given up on me, eh? Ah well. Should be expected after another long absence XD;

Well, the long and short of it is, I've been busy. Really really effing busy. Some of it I can talk about, some of it I can't, but I promise I haven't given up on drawing or fandom or anything. It's just hard to juggle so many things at once, and despite the fact that the semester has ended, I've got plenty to compensate that small liberation of my time.

Now is about the time I'd promise to have a new picture up this week or some such, but, as I will be leaving for Japan a week from today, I'd rather not make any promises I'm probably not going to have time to keep. I've gotten some rather large projects heaped in my lap for this summer, some school-related, some not, but for any interested parties out there, I -am- going to be selling prints of some of my work through a new online retailer: Argonaut Comics They're pretty new, and they'll be bridging the gap between anime/manga and american comics once things get going. As it is, the online portion of the business is just off the ground, and the actual brick establishment will hopefully be open for business towards the end of the year.

Anyways, for anyone still keeping tabs on this journal, just letting y'all know I'm still alive!

3/31/06 11:42 pm - RSOM 6 RESULTS

SO!!! I'm finally allowed to announce it! Thanks guys for all your patience and support!!

Here are the official results!

Rob Ten Pas
Manga Title: Bomango

Yasmin Saaka
Manga Title: Girl/Boy

Manga Title: Departure

JD. Robinson
Manga Title: 10 Simple Rules

Anthony Go Wu
Manga Title: Orphans

Ryo Kawakami (writer/artist) and Jamison Taylor (editor)
Manga Title: Little Miss Witch Hater

Manga Title: Chronicles of the Big Feet


3/31/06 09:10 pm - my spring break should have looked like this [ART]

10K kiriban pic for the kids over at devART. I'm of the opinion that he just found out that the girl he likes likes him back :D

pencil sketch + PS9

This is what happens when happy music eats your brain X3

3/29/06 02:56 am - Oh ho ho~! [ART]

Well! This one sort of sneaked up on me! I'm a longtime fan of Last Exile, but I've never done any fanart for the series and then BOOM! Suddenly I find myself sketching out Dio. Hee, Dio <3

Fandom: Last Exile
Character(s): Dio Eraclea <3333333
Medium: pencil sketch + PS9, my usual M.O.

I loffs me teh Dio-samaaa...Collapse )
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3/28/06 04:28 pm - Spring Break! [ART]

Hmm hmm! Some artwork!! Started as a scribbly sketch for...something else *coughcough*

Title: watching+waiting
Medium: pencil sketch and PS9
Fandom: Original

They DO have names, but they're a secret for now :3Collapse )

3/13/06 02:16 pm - @____@ [ART]

The problem with trying to incorporate anime-style art into your art homework is that the assignment prompts often lead to more than one good idea. Sadly, this was one of the times when I had at least 3 or 4 good ideas, and only enough weekend in which I could bring one into actuality. And even then it was a rush job.

However! It gave me an excuse to try a new sort of coloring style, much faster and looser than I'm used to, with NO blending allowed, and no usage of the Color Balance controls. Honestly, I think I spent more time editing and cleaning the line art than I did coloring the pic X3

Ignore my crappy hiragana. I sort of suck at making "e"s. >o<

Title: pull you along
Medium: pencil sketch, PS9
Prompt: illustrate what you think a future fashion trend could be---annoying, impractical, ultra stylish...your choice

I want shoes like his XDDDCollapse )
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3/6/06 06:14 am - WHEE! FIRST SHORT COMIC! [ART]

In continuing insomniac masochism celebration of RSOM, I bring to those of you who still watch this journal for art, my VERY FIRST EVAR short comic, in TWO PAGES of non-blinding color!!

It's weird, it's strange, but the idea wouldn't leave me be (plus I realized I can also turn this in as my assignment for drawing class Monday night X3), so I sketched it out in pencil and let photoshop do the rest. My attempt at imitation watercolor!!

BEST FRIEND by EdenCollapse )


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in December/January I was sweating it out, trying to get an entry finished for Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga contest, right? And this time around I actually FINISHED.

Well, a short while ago, whilst sitting ALONE checking my email, in an EMPTY HOUSE, with ALL of my friends out of town, I received word that my entry made it into the Top 20 Finalists group, and, starting WEDNESDAY MARCH 8TH will be part of an online vote on Tokyopop's website for the 'People's Choice' award!!!

SO! If you're reading this journal, and you don't think my art is half-bad, take a moment during the week of March 8th - March 14th and cast your vote HERE. My entry is titled "DEPARTURE", and if you decide you like it best, please vote for it~!!!

To celebrate, I'm going to try posting a WHOOOOLE lotta art between now and the end of the voting period, starting with a new piece, which is the result of my playing around with some new drawing and coloring techniques. It's really quite dreary here, so I wanted to show winter in a more...aesthetically pleasing light. Heh.

Title: .fuyu.winter.
Fandom: original
Medium: PS9

I actually avoided overusage of Color Balance this time!Collapse )
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2/17/06 05:21 pm - Hardcore like your mama's grocery list...[ART]

Just caught the first episode of Ergo Proxy, which looks like it's going to shape up to be one of those futuristic, android-themed animes that you may not always understand, but will watch anyway because the animation and character designs are JUST. THAT. FREAKING. COOL.

So cool, in fact, that I felt compelled to do a quick fanart of the main character, Lir, who is...are you sitting down?...A GIRL. Yes. I've drawn another girl, and somehow the world has managed to avoid falling into extreme peril. I really love her character design. Mostly just the eyeshadow, I think, but it's cool nonetheless.

Because I'm so spectacularly lazy, I'm not going to bother uploading this picture, but rather give you a link to deviantart.

Okay, so maybe I'm not THAT lazy...

In which I do strange and abstract things with her head. WOOHOO.Collapse )
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